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The Maynard Rich Management team of experienced professionals brings expert resources to all phases of property development and association management. Our services benefit developers building an association community as well as established communities looking to improve. Our policy of personal service, provided by our skilled staff, is the key to ensuring that your property management program is designed and executed to best suit your needs.

Maynard Rich Management offers a complete range of services for efficient property management. This includes computerized, in-house financial reporting; consultation services in budget preparation, insurance coverage, taxation and financial investment; interior and exterior maintenance programs, including landscaping and property enhancement; and a wide variety of resources and purchasing power to yield significant cost savings to your community.

The professionals at Maynard Rich Management take pride in the wealth of resources at their fingertips that have been developed over the course of many years in the homeowner association management field. Our contract negotiators use their ability to buy in bulk to get the best available services for the lowest possible price. This translates to expert property management at the best value and lowest cost to you.

Maynard Rich has extensive experience in the management and operation of community associations. Each community and facility is unique.  The costs and management of each community is based on the final facility plan and the management approach desired by the association Board of Directors.


Each Community is unique and may require Front Desk, Lobby Attendant/Concierge services. Our polished and friendly staff has been trained on all essential computer programs to best serve the needs of your association and are ready to set the tone of an attentive, well managed, organized atmosphere for residents and guests.

  • Receive and investigate significant complaints regarding rule violations, and report all such violations to client for appropriate follow up.
  • Assist and advise the client in the preparation of general correspondence between residents, owners, contractors, etc. Keep a record of all client correspondence received or issued.
  • Assist the Client in the procurement of insurance coverage, as well as with the processing of insurance claims.
  • Assist the client in coordinating general membership meetings, including the Annual Meeting.
  • Where requested by client, executive staff will attend and provide input for any Board and/or operating committee meeting.
  •  Assist the client in the development and preparation of the annual operating budget.
  • Prepare a mailing to owners of the approved budget if requested by the Board of Directors.
  •  Prepare and submit to client a Year-To-Date Budgeted versus Actual Income and Expense analysis on a monthly basis as a part of the monthly financial statements.
  • Prepare and maintain books and records necessary to produce Financial Statements.
  •  Prepare and submit to client a monthly financial summary of all receipts and disbursements.
  • Receive, review and approve vendor invoices and other bills, and prepare checks for payment and subsequent mailing.
  • Collect all assessments as they become due and payable, and deposit all cash receipts in the Client's bank accounts, maintained at an FDIC insured banking institution.
  •  Maintain a record of homeowners’ dues and receipts, and provide the client with a monthly delinquency listing. We will send monthly late notices.
  • Assist the client's legal counsel, as necessary, to initiate required legal action consistent with the Association's By-Laws, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.


Maynard Rich Management offers consulting services to Developers. This includes reviewing proposed plans, processes and governing documents from an operational perspective provide recommendations and changes that could improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of the start-up, transition and operation of the community association and creating original budgets and cash flow projections. 

Developer Service may include:

  • Site Plan and Building Design Review
  • Operations and Staffing Assessment
  • Assessment of Governing Documents
  • Development of a Planning Budget\

We make it a priority to ensure open lines of communication between management the Developer and the Membership to facilitate a smooth transition.


Our property managers work hands-on with your community to ensure covenants are being adhered to, work orders are handled promptly and community finances are well-managed.

  •  Assist the client in a competitive bidding process for non-emergency services, and provide input in selection of contractors and in developing contract specifications.
  • Obtain from each contractor relevant certificates of insurance.
  • Direct contractors providing recurring services, and monitor specific contractor performance to ensure substantial compliance with contract specifications.
  • Perform regular site inspections in order to maintain a satisfactory knowledge of the condition of the property and performance of the client's contractors.
  • Receive service requests for repairs or maintenance of property and report trends to client.
  • Arrange for prompt and satisfactory response to emergency service requests.
  • Advise client of major problems or trends in maintenance service requests as they occur.
  • Handle any problem on a responsive individual basis. Our office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.  Each property has after hours emergency service 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.