The address you call home is more than just walls and a roof, it's a small town that should be nurtured and shaped into a true community.  We can help you develop the community that meets the needs of your members whether it be through social events, more or less active communication from management, or just a fresh face greeting residents and their guests at the front door.

investment in community

Our mission is to enhance value and livability standards for owners and residents by providing association boards and developers with superior management services based on sound and proactive maintenance systems; financial reporting that is complete, accurate and understandable; budgeting that provides a clear annual road map; and, qualified staff who implement the budget and provide prompt, cheerful and respectful customer service.


a management company that's as unique as you are

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You've invested a lot in your home and community – don't settle for a cookie-cutter association management firm. At Maynard Rich Management, we value the unique needs and wants of each community and we want to offer you the control and customized level of service you desire.


Maynard Rich Management specializes in providing customized management services to luxury high-rise communities throughout San Francisco.  Contact us to find out if our services are a good fit with your community.